Who is at Risk?

Anyone can contract C-diff infection. However, the elderly and people with certain medical problems have the greatest chance of contracting severe C-diff infections. Those who have been taking antibiotics are also at a greater risk for contracting the illness. Antibiotics kill the normal intestinal flora (normal gut bugs) that serve as protection against C-diff infection. It is estimated that 50 percent of prescribed antibiotics are totally unnecessary and can do you more harm than good.

If you or a loved one is showing C-diff signs and symptoms, talk to your health care provider. He or she may stop or change your antibiotics, and test your watery stool for C-diff. In many cases this will clear up without further treatment. Always ask your physician if the antibiotics they prescribe are absolutely necessary, and don’t pressure your provider for antibiotics if he or she does not prescribe them.

Remember antibiotics don’t kill viruses, like those that cause the seasonal flu, so get your annual flu vaccination.

Who is the DFW Hospital Council Foundation?

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Our Fight Against C-difficile
C-difficile or C-diff, as it is commonly called, is a growing problem in the North Texas area. C-difficile is linked to the deaths of more than 20,000 Americans every year. We are pleased to sponsor this website and the C-diff awareness campaign. Help fight C-diff. Everybody Scrub In.



Take this C-diff Test to Determine your Level of Risk

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Stop C-diff with Soap

Because the C-diff bacteria can be contained in human feces, washing your hands after using the bathroom is one of the most effective ways to halt the spread of C-diff. Always use soap and water; you must rinse C.-diff spores down the drain. Soap and hand gels don’t kill C-diff spores.



20,000 Americans die each year from complications related to C-diff

1 in 5North Texans may carry the C-diff germ

50%of antibiotics given out are unnecessary

94%of C-diff infections are connected with getting medical care

20%lower C-diff infection rates in hospitals that follow infection control protocol

400%increase in C-diff related deaths since 2000

65Half of the infections occur in people under 65, but most deaths occur with those 65 and older

*statistics from CDC, 2012 and SHEA